Mis-Made Christmas Stockings, FAB - BACK IN STOCK!


Performer explains to the audience that he/she was getting ready to hang up the Christmas stocking for Santa Claus, however,the stocking was a bit 'dirty' so in the washing machine it went but too much bleach was added and this is what happened - a solid white stocking. Well this isn't going to do! Luckily I am a magician and Santa gave me a magical Candy cane last year and the note attached said to use ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY because it had certain magic powers. Well, this IS an emergency!

Magician places white stocking into an empty bag (yes the audience can see it's empty!) and places the magic striped cane into the bag and begins to stir. As the wand is removed the candy cane is seen to be without it's red stripes! Performer reaches into bag and pulls out a red striped stocking! That just won't do! Again, the stocking is placed inside the bag and 'stirs' the contents of the bag with the magic candy cane - again, magician reaches inside and pulls out - a RED SPOTTED stocking! Ugh..lets try it once more using some magic words - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Magician once again reaches into bag and removes a correctly colored red and white stocking and showing the bag completely empty! It MUST be the magic of Christmas ! Use your own change bag or our Switcheroo Bag! *Patterns on stockings vary

This is a quality outfit - comes complete with stockings, and complete routine. Easy to do! You will love ! ONLY from the magic leaders - FAB Magic Mfg. Company

A Rick Fisher Innovation