$25.00 $4.95

This set lists for $25.00! Comes with regular flag, flag with stars missing and reverse stars and stripes - 18" Flags - mostly rayon but the colors are vivid! (You provide the red, white and blue silks)  A real steal at this price! & FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL USA!

A classic silk trick! Three silks, one red, one white and one blue- change into an American flag!

But wait- it's all jumbled up!! First, the flag is missing the blue portion, then the flag changes to a reverse colored flag, and finally to an authentic beautiful American flag!

It's so easy! You'll need a Change Bag or other method of changing the silks. To perform this simple trick, you'll first place the red, the white and the blue silk into the Change Bag. You "accidentally" (on purpose) drop the blue silk so it lands outside the bag, and you pretend not to notice that only the white silk and the red silk are in the bag. When the silks are magically transformed into the flag the first time, the flag is missing the blue color.

So you put the the miscolored flag back into the Change Bag, along with the blue silk that you dropped earlier. This time, you ask your audience to call out a "nonmagical" magic word, and when you produce the flag again. Now it has blue and white stripes with a red field. Wrong colors again!

One more time, you place the mismade flag back into the Change Bag, and have the audience call out the correct magic word (like "We're proud to be Americans!")- and you finally produce a beautiful authentic American flag.