Multiplying Wands, Natural Wood Style, FAB


NOW IMPROVED! MADE FROM UNBREAKABLE SPACE AGE PLASTIC! YOU WILL LOVE 'EM!!!!We (FAB Magic) have been manufacturing Bev Bergeron's Multiplying Wands for over a decade now and have sold hundreds of sets. So how do you improve an already great effect/routine? Well for starters we are now using special made tubes for the wands with NO slits! This tubing has the right tolerances so that they nest inside of one another but not to the point where they difference in diameters are noticeable. They are just the perfect size!

This is the original!
Effect: Magician asks volunteer to assist with a trick. A series of five magic wands magically appear and are placed under the arms, in the hands and under the chin of the volunteer. Great routine for comedy and children shows.

Complete with Bev's own routine and instructions! Great for clowns and emcee's too! Manufactured in the USA by The FAB Magic Company. Each wand is 11" in length - The entire routine now plays bigger than ever on stage! ."Hey Rick, Just a quick note to say I received the Multiplying Wands today and they are

"SWEEET!!!! Nice job. The look like they are built like tanks" -Jef Eaton, Florida-

"Wow! The new Bergeron Wands are great! After over 40 years as a kid show entertainer, I would have to say this is one of the top ten strongest effects I have ever used. The audience delight always amazes me! I am so glad this routine has finally been made available constructed from a durable material, since the previously available "knockoffs" split after a few shows. It is only right that Bev give permission and get full credit for his creation." - Tom Sikorski

OUR LATEST DESIGN! These wands are natural wood finish! Beautifully hand made - don't confuse with the imports - this is the original and made to last a lifetime!