• Mutliplying Wands, Improved with Flower Finale


    We (FAB Magic) have been manufacturing Bev Bergeron's Multiplying Wands for over a decade now and have sold hundreds of sets. So how do you improve an already great effect/routine? Well for starters we are now using special made tubes for the wands with NO slits! This tubing has the right tolerances so that they nest inside of one another but not to the point where they difference in diameters are noticeable. They are just the perfect size!

    Plus - our good friend Mike McNee has given us his hilarious ending idea - after all the wands have been given to the spectator and they are loaded down with wand under arms, hands and under chin you suddenly pull out a feather flower just as you tell the volunteer NOT to drop the wands - you tickle them on their forehead or nose/chin. It's hilarious! Each wand is 12" long for maximum visibility! Comes with Bev's own routine, wands and feather flower.

    Available in All Black and Multi Color - please specify when ordering.