As the magician is getting ready for his next 'trick' he picks up his trusty magic wand and oh - oh the white tip falls off! He/She picks it up and screws it back into place only to notice that both tips are now at the same end of the wand! Apparently the magician has replaced the wand tip on the wrong end. No problem - he just removes it and replaces it back on the other end where it belongs. As soon as it is secured he notices that the tip at the 'other' end of the wand is now missing!  While he looks for the missing tip, the first tip falls off again so now he's left holding a black stick with no tips at all! Performer reaches down to pick up the one tip that has fallen off and just as he is ready to replace the tip on the black wand he notices the tip has magically reappeared back on the wand.  Looking somewhat puzzled  he carefully replaces the first tip and finally everything is where it should be and he can continue with the next 'trick' - until the tip falls off again. The magician announces that the only way to fix a magic wand is to use a little 'magic'. he wraps the wand in a sheet of paper and places the loose tip into his closed fist. With a tap of the wand the 'tip' vanishes and - magically re-appears  back on the wand right down on the end where it belongs --almost - when the wand is removed from the sheet of paper the audience sees that the tip didn't make it quite all the way to the end - instead - it is permanently attached a few inches from the end. Whew --well close enough anyway!

    Comes complete with explicit directions, specially designed wand (made here in FAB Colon Studio) - everything you need - all you need now is to enjoy the laughter and fun with this great prop!