• N E W ! Mini Hippity Hop Rabbit COBMO, FAB


    Perfect size for table hopping! Fits right in your pocket! Easy to use! These little guys measure 5 1/4" x 2" 
    - they're FABULOUS!

    Mini Hippity Hop Rabbits 
    "I use larger Hippity Hop Rabbits for stage and parlor but wanted a set for close-up venues. I saw the Mini Hippity Hop Rabbits on the Fab Magic web page and fell in love with them, especially after watching the video demo. I ordered them and they just came in the mail. I am very pleased with them and can't wait to put them in my close-up show. Hey, they'd even work well in a small parlor show. What a deal! Thanks Rick for providing such fine products to the magic community. Fab Magic is absolutely FABulous!" - George Mullican

    "Hey Rick,Rec'd the FAB Hippity Hop Rabbits...YAY! -craftsmanship is superb. I'm going to use your presentation script from the video posted. I like your style... " - Marty Culpepper, California

    At Last! A set of the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits that you can take anywhere - NO more clunky wooden covers! Yep, the whole set is magnetic! Laminated characters made to last a lifetime! This set stands 5 1/2" tall - specially weighted to prevent tip over! Comes complete with rabbits,gimmicks, covers and complete routine and YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE! MADE IN THE USA BY THE FAB MAGIC COMPANY! YOU get the Mini Hippity Hop Rabbits, Mini Hippity Hop Santa & Mini Hippity Hop Ghosts - You can switch the characters around - yes they are magnetic! The commercial possibilities are endless! Only one set of uprights used ! Comes complete with everything you need!

    Effect: Magician covers a white rabbit and black rabbit with cloth covers. They now "change places" several times. But, the audience is quick to point out that the rabbits must be black on one side and white on the other.

    Magician finally turns the rabbits around to reveal one is RED and the other YELLOW! Beautifully made equipment for those performances in close quarters. Everything you need included.