Neil Foster - Symphony of Magic


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Neil Foster was one of the greatest manipulators of all time. . . From his early days as a single act to the days of performing with his beloved wife, Jeanne, Neil captivated audiences around the globe with his mastery of sleight of hand and of course - the Zombie Floating Ball.

Here on this CD are the actual recordings of Neil's performance music - this was all hand picked by him and used throughout his early career. This is all from his personal collection/album.

There is some slight static in some of these recordings but they still serve their purpose well - even 70 years later...Sit back and close your eyes and picture the master performing his signature effects.The first four tracks are recordings he used for manipulation/cigarettes & coins and track #5 is music he used for his Zombie Routine.....

Approximate Running Time: 24 minutes - all rights reserved 2016