• NEW! 20th Century Silks 24"


    A classic magic trick. The magician ties two 24" blue* handkerchiefs together and sets them aside. Then, a 24" solid color silk is vanished. Upon examining the blue silks a second time, the missing  silk is seen to have appeared tied between them!

    Don't be misled by inferior 20th Century Silk products on the market that use a very thin silk for the 'bag' part of the effect. Most are so thin you can see the tied silk inside! To remedy that  we use only the finest materials available!  The 'red' and 'blue' fabric is thicker using a rayon/silk combination which 'hides' the tied silk. You want to be able to perform this effect without fear of the audience seeing the 'gimmick'  - trust this version! The 'tail' to tie on is longer than usual to give you plenty of room to tie the two alike colors together.  This 24" Version is available in the following combinations 





    Please specify when ordering.

    The tied silk and vanished silk are made from pure China silk, These 20th Century sets are sewn here in our Colon Michigan studios. There is nothing better available on the market today. Easy to do. Complete with detailed instructions. All silks are 24"