NFW - Gary Freed


The effect sounds so simple when described in print...four Jokers magically turn face down one at a time. But when they are turned face up, they have become the four Aces! But you have to see it to believe it! NFW! is a devastating and revolutionary twist on twisting! To see it per formed is to want one.

Here's a few points to remember: You see the complete front and back of each Ace. You unmistakably show four cards at the end. Nothing to ditch or palm off. No complicated sleight of hand. The gimmick has been custom printed on Bicycle card stock. Instant reset makes it perfect for strolling magicians & restaurant workers. Check out NFW today!

Here's just a few of the comments:
If this trick doesn't blow your socks off, your shoes are on too tight! - Bob Farmer
I loved it, two thumbtips up! - Dan Garrett
The ending jumps up and bites you...I was astounded! - Tom Craven
It looked like real magic. - Tony Econ
As clean as any packet trick I've seen...the ending's a killer! - Scott Wells
This trick is cool. I wish I'd thought of it! - Jason Alford
I can't wait to use it for real people, I think it's a mind blower! - Marc DeSouza
A great routine...easy to do and a completely surprising blow-off! - Paul Cummins
One of the cleanest and fairest looking twisting effects ever! It fooled me! - Jerry Mentzer
An effect that will knock the spectator's down! I love it! - Bob Elliott