We have adapted this version of ABC Stung to an Anti-bullying theme - this timely routine will be the talk of your show - and it's a real fooler!

Our FAB version is the finest available! No more flaps that eventually tear - a completely NEW principle that is drawing rave reviews! NO cheap envelopes - we give you a really nice colorful cloth bag that will also protect the cards - which by the way are 8" x 10" and completley laminated to prevent smudging. You'll love it! You provide the upright stands.

Effect: Three brightly printed cards are shown. One shows the picture of a BOY bully, the second a GIRL bully and finally a card with three children. The cards are placed in a brightly colored cloth bag and then the two 'bullies' are removed. The third card (one with children on it)can be seen sticking out of the bag but the performer says the have disappeared. As the kids scream the magician removes the card from the holder to show that card has a picture of a SMILEY FACE. The kids will continue to scream for the card to be turned around thinking it has the picture of the three children on the opposite side. The card is flipped over and it is a sign ' No Bullying Zone!' Packs flat plays big!