• P & L Shooting A Ribbon Thru A Girl


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    Original P & L Shooting A Ribbon Through A Girl - Very RARE! Comes complete. This one does just what it says. the ribbon and bullet travel through the girl and hit the target.

    A rare and wonderful effect from Petrie Lewis.

    The outfit comes complete with special REPLIC rifle, precision gimmicks and target with metal stand. Comes with gimmicks, dart and ribbons and blanks,empty bullet..8 pages of instructions. Condition: Very Good . This item is being sold to offset expenses for the funeral costs of the late Chuck Windley - ALL of the proceeds (except shipping costs) will be sent to Robert Baxt who is the executor of the estate. Cost of this item is $1499 - once we figure shipping charges we will bill you separately  - Note: The base is a European base NOT P & L but have been told this is rare base worth $$hundreds$$$ of dollars by itself! 

    How about helping out a legendary magician who gave so much to his art and craft. Chuck's ashes will be interred in Colon Michigan's Lakeside Cemetery in August.