Panic Button,FAB - Watch Video


Magician invites a spectator to select a card from a deck of cards and return to the deck. Performer then explains to the volunteer that he/she can transmit the thoughts of the playing card and with the use of this unusual 'satellite tracker' the card will not only be revealed but it will manifest itself in between these two magic 'transformation boards' - There is a satellite tower printed on one side of the boards and it's aimed towards the spectator to get the correct 'vibrations'.

The boards are separated and there is a face down playing card! It is turned over - but - nope it's not the correct card! Frustrated, the magician tries once more only to reproduce another card - again it is WRONG! It is explained that in case of such an emergency there is a PANIC BUTTON on the board - which the spectator is asked to press.

The boards are separated but no card at all! Several more attempts to press the button and then finally the boards are separated and seen on the inside of the top board is a JUMBO CARD - yes, the one card the spectator chose! Guess we pressed the panic button too many times!

This is easy to do and a lot of fun to perform. No sleight of hand required - the boards do the work for you. They measure 7.5" x 7.5" and are colorfully decorated and laminated. Comes complete with boards, cards & complete routine.

A FAB exclusive designed by Rick Fisher