Passe Passe Milk & Cookies, FAB WATCH VIDEO!


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First & Foremost This entire unit is manufactured here in our FAB Studios using ONLY American Made Products!

Effect: Performer displays a stack of cookies, a glass of milk and two brightly covered tubes. The Stack of Cookies is Covered with one tube and the glass of milk is covered with the 2nd tube. After a few magical gestures the tubes are removed showing the stack of cookies has now been replaced with a glass of milk and the 2nd tube is removed showing the Glass of Milk has been replaced with the stack of cookies. This can be repeated immediately and both tubes can be show empty each time!You don't have to use cookies - As long as item to 'switch' will fit you can use your imagination. However we do supply you with a set of feke cookies so you can design your own if you wish.

IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER! These plastic milk glasses are fabricated here in our studios. The 'milk' mixture is non toxic and will last forever. Unlike the old 'Moo Magicians Milk' it will never discolor or fade or evaporated. The metal tubes are also specially designed and fabricated here constructed to stand the wears and tears of constant performances.What you get? The tubes, the two bottomless milk glasses, directions on how to make your own 'stack of cookies' and complete instructions. An effect you will be proud to own..and yes you can show the tubes empty before and after !