Peanut Butter Go-Go, Improved - FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


We've gone and done it! Improved one of our staple effects and it's a lot easier to use and the routine is simplified - You will love it!

Effect: Performer displays a jar of peanut butter and explains that he /she is going to change the jar of peanut butter into a jar of jelly! A beautiful tube is placed over the Peanut Butter Jar and commands the peanut butter jar to is lifted - still there is the peanut butter jar - no jelly jar :( -  once again the tube is placed over the peanut butter jar - Now a board with a picture of peanut butter and jelly is placed in front covering the tube  - once again the tube is lifted - and YES the peanut butter jar has now changed into a jelly jar! But wait just a minute - the audience can't see it because the board is covering the tube and audience is quick to point out that they really aren't taking your word for, performer covers the 'jar' again behind board and announces he will change the 'unseen' jelly jar back into a jar of peanut butter. Performer removes board and places on top of tube - lifts tube and shows the peanut butter has returned (?) - of course the audience is NOT buying it - so once again the tube is placed over the peanut butter jar and the sign is placed in front of tube - performer lifts tube and shows it empty - YES it has changed to a jelly jar - audience is quick to tell you they cannot see the jelly jar because it's behind the sign - you can have some fun by play here - finally magician removes the sign and there is full jar of jelly in it's place - YES the peanut butter has completely disappeared and changed into a jar of jelly!

This is all self contained. It's easy to use and a non-stop FUN product you will use ! Comes complete with everything BUT the jelly jars - manufactured here in the magic capital , Colon, Michigan!