Peanut Butter Jelly, FAB


Our FAB version of this classic Timothy Wenk routine has been a best seller for us. What's the difference between ours and the cheap imported versions? We hand paint every single jar  - our tubes are gorgeous - they don't stick like the rubber ones. This unit is the most realistic on the market. Plus have added two additional ideas that give you a solid kids show routine with a logical finish! Don't take our word for what others say. Two different color tubes available RED or BLACK - Please specify when ordering.

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"..these are just gorgeous - looks like the real thing!" - Wally Reid, Michigan

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"Hi Rick, I called yesterday and left you a personal voice message to let you know the PB&J had arrived and they are beautiful. The video and pics on the website don't do them full justice...thanks so much!" -Bill Warren, Virginia-

The Effect:

You display a large jar of peanut butter on one side of the stage and place a jar of jelly on the other side.

You place a gorgeous cover over each jar. After a few magic words you tell your spectators that the peanut butter and jelly have changed places.

The kids are naturally a bit skeptical... You really get them going by offering to repeat the miracle and return the jars to their original locations before you lift the covers!

The kids are ready to start a riot! They're unconvinced to say the least.

Until you lift off the covers and show that the change really did happen!

Our FAB version is simply the finest available. You receive the peanut butter jars,gorgeous tubes with lids, and complete instructions. Important points:  Each jar is an actual peanut butter jar - not a tube painted to look like one. We painstakingly paint each jar - the paint is specially mixed for just this purpose- it is so realistic you will fool yourself.

Forget the other versions.

This is the one set you will use forever! Comes complete with Peanut Butter jars, tubes & routine - you provide your own jelly jars