Pom Pom Pole DELUXE FAB ,15" JUMBO


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It's Sleek, It's Slick - It's Perfect! It's FABulous!

"Hello Rick, I received the Pom Pom Pole today, thanks looks and works great!" - Christopher Fair

"I love the pom pom pole super cool!" - Kevin Wylie, Canada

"Hi Rick! Just received my previous two orders, and I wanna say thanks so much! The Pom Pom Pole is the BEST QUALITY pole I've ever owned! Smooth and Silent!" - Lorraine Lutz, South Dakota -

"I received my custom FAB pom pom pole. Really well made and I can't believe how silent the gimmick is ---- really good improvement on the original pom pom pole. As for the FAB paper hat tears, I'm going to be ordering these just from you from now on. Unfortunately, the quality control on the ones from India can be somewhat lacking and the quality is not always consistent. Although this is a simple and inexpensive magic trick, it can really play well and is often seen as magical. The quality of your product will just add to that."

Thanks again - Jimmy Joza - Elmhurst, NY -

"Just got the pom pom stick and acrobatic silks...great work! It really is an improvement over the old model I used to own!" - Pastor Rob Roloff, Tipton, IN-

"The Pom Pom Pole came today and it is excellent. I had one previously and it broke. This one is better and more silent when you show it has no strings attached." -Dale Hardy, Pennsylvania-

"I received my customized FAB pom pom pole this evening. It looks and works great! :)I really appreciate the extra time, effort and thought you put in it. Many thanks!!! -Jonathan Levit, Canada-

This trick is a CLASSIC! And we have seen the cheap versions that become useless after just a few performances. Well, look at our new FAB model. This is a LARGE 165 long x 1" in diameter which makes it easy to handle.! The pole is solid color all the way thru !
Compare to other models....Each pom pom is heavy yarn and will last a lifetime - made to our exact specifications!

It is suitable for magicians who work for children of all ages. There is no preparation required. It is always ready to use. In this effect you have a length of tube with a piece of cord passing through each end. There are different colored pom-poms attached to each end of the cord.

When one pom-pom is pulled by the magician another pom-pom, goes into the stick indicating that it is connected. This happens no matter which pom-pom is pulled by the magi. It gives the illusion that the string has four ends. The finale' of the trick comes when the magi separates the stick to show,that there is no cross-connection between the pom-poms.

The stick is put back together and again it works.

Important FAB Features: We use extra strong "gimmicks" that will give you years of performance enjoyment. We have built in a silencer - something magicians have yearned for in this effect. It's quality thru and thru -our handmade pom poms are 3" in diameter and each one is hand made.  We use heavy duty  cord for long wear! They fit the hand beautifully.

We have done our homework on this one and each FAB Pom Pom is 'test driven' to make sure it works smoothly every time.The pole is sleek looking and solid color - end caps are black especially made for this version of ours.

Forget all the rest buy the BEST! Color of pom poms vary