• Poor Man's Hippity Hop Rabbits,FAB


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    Hippity Hop Rabbits routine has been around for a looooooooooooooooong time. It has been produced in many different forms. Well, here is a version that you can use with your change bag!

    Simply place the two colored rabbits in one side along with a black and white silk and the black and white rabbits in the other side. Tell  your audience the black and white rabbits will change places -- of course you pull out the black telling your audience it changed to white and vice -versa. Then at very end you can put in a yellow and red silk - switch the bag and pull out the black and white silks with the two colored rabbits! Hey, it packs flat and plays big!

    These rabbits are approximately  7" tall and hand painted front and back made from the finest felt available.

    A fun prop from the minds at FAB Magic!