Poor Man's Snake Basket - JUMBO WATCH VIDEO!


Adrian Smith, president of The South African Society Of Magician's says "Received the snake basket today! I am VERY pleased. So easy to use and handle!"

"I performed you snake basket for Baltimore IBM Ring #179 and it was a big hit! I have even received some bookings due to this Snake Basket. Thanks so very much!" - Henry Jones

"The Snake Basket is Brilliant. I am absolutely delighted!" David Turner - England

"The Snake Basket goes over great every time!" - Bob Done


The Poor Man's Snake Basket

Effect: Magician displays a medium sized basket on table. A deck of cards is shown and a volunteer is asked to select any card and replaced. The deck is placed into the basket and magician explains that inside is "Snickerz" The Trained Snake . Why is he called this? Because he LOVES Snicker's Chocolate Candy Bars! In fact if you give him a treat he will do "tricks" and in this case he will find YOUR selected card. As the routine goes the magician picks up the basket and instantly a beautiful cloth covered 'snake' leaps into the air with the selected card in the mouth of the snake !

Important Points!

No batteries, No wind - Up, No Offstage Assisants Needed, No Reels, No Remotes!

The Snake Leaps High Into The air and cards fly all about!

Completely Under YOUR control at ALL times! Completely Self Contained!

Resets in less than 60 seconds!

Complete with Basket, 1 covered spring snake ( 3" x 30" long)and complete instructions.

Buy it TODAY and put in your act TOMORROW!

*Snake color and baskets vary