• Predict A Beverage Ickle Pickle

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    A great way to add a little mentalism to your family show! Show five Jumbo Cards, each baring a photo of a different well-known soda. There’s Coke and Pepsi; 7-Up, Crush and Mountain Dew. Also show a Plexiglas frame displaying all five of the drinks. Explaining that you have already made a prediction of which beverage will be chosen, you continue. Show the cards one by one and ask a spectator to merely think of one of the beverages. There is no force of any kind. Let’s say the spectator chooses Pepsi. Turn the frame around to show your prediction. It matches the spectator’s selection! 100% of the time! Self working. No force! Predict A Beverage comes with a very-well made Plexiglas frame, designed to hold the five cards and the prediction card.