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    This is the Ultimate Zombie Floating Ball Package!
    Featuring : FAB Dream Zombie 4" Ball , gimmick, double thickness 36" Dragon Silk and Our Zombie Box
    A $160.00 Value !

    We are very proud to offer the magic fraternity a Zombie effect that is EZ to use and affordable - and better yet almost indestructible! Our NEW  Special Elegant base is designed to secure the ball in place better than the other bases and not as apt to fall off!

    Product Description: For several months now we have been looking for ways to improve the classic Zombie Floating Ball effect. Most of the so-called Chrome metal balls from India are horrible - they fall apart, dent easy,etc. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with what we think is a 'dream Zombie'.

    Yep it's plastic! But it doesn't look like it! It is so easy to use and lightweight weighing only 3 oz! It floats like a butterfly - and if you drop it - it won't break or dent! The Ball is approximately 4" in diamater Comes complete with ball, our own gimmick, special balL, foulard and complete illustrated instructions Available in Chrome Silver, Chrome Gold, Pearl Silver -You'll love it!


    These specially sewn double weight Dragon Zombie Silks are perfect for the pro who wants to 'class!' up his or her Zombie Floating Ball routine. Made from the finest 5mme Chinese Silk - they double at 10mme making it not only easy to use but beautiful to watch.

    Silk is 36" square


    This beautifully made wooden box  (Made from finest Baltic Birch NOT Masonite like others sell!)  allows you to start the Zombie effect while it is hidden in the box. The Zombie ball can either be placed into the box in front of the audience or started from the box. It mysteriously opens and the Zombie ball floats out. Comes in two sizes. Inside measurements are either 5" x 5" - completely felt lined, painted in rich Banner Red Enamel and  decorated with Brass Hardware. Mfg. Here in our Colon Michigan USA studios!

    Designed to hold a 4" standard Zombie Ball.