Punchline Timothy Wenk

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This is Punchline from Timothy Wenk. This amazing effect can be performed for small groups, or be seen from the back of the largest theatre. The magician opens out a very long piece of paper. It is completely blank on BOTH SIDES. Then he folds it back into a small packet and announces that he will use MAGIC to punch holes into the paper. He proceeds to use a hole puncherâe¦in mid-air, AROUND the paper, never actually TOUCHING the paper with the hole punch. Yet when he opens the paper again, three things happen instantly (and AUTOMATICALLY): 1)Hundreds of tiny white dots flutter to the floor. 2) Hundreds of holes are seen punched in the paper. 3) These holes are seen to form words, and the message appears stretched between his hands!

Punchline is an unusual, yet simple effect. It gets gasps from audiences of all ages. It is fun and easy to perform. It fits into your pocket, resets in seconds, and you never have to buy refills. And it is built tough, so you can use it over and over again. Best of all, you can use ANY MESSAGE, from Happy Birthday, to Merry Christmas, to Goodnight. And in ANY Language, too!