Rope Thru Body, FAB - Watch Video! NOW IN RED & WHITE!


"This Rope Through Body Kicks B__tt!" -Terry Davis-

Chris Carpunky says, "Great Video. Can’t wait to do this one! Thank you! Thank you!"

We take pride in offering new and innovative magic here in our FAB Studios. I challenge our staff to come up with new ideas and improve on old ones to make them more "user friendly". While our R & D department was busy working on other effects I came upon this idea. Once we made several sets they sold like hot cakes!

Magician displays a length of rope and passes rope behind his/her back or that of a volunteer. The ends are tied in front and suddenly rope is instantly pulled right through the body! Rope can be passed out for examination!

You will absolutely marvel at this new innovation! No strings or thread! Resets instantly! A recent sell out at magic convention !

A FAB Magic Exclusive! Add to your show immediately! EZ to do!

Complete with gimmicks, rope and detailed instructions.

Can be used close up or on stage!