• Rudolph Nose (Knows) FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


    Our R & D Depatment gets a big kick out of redesigning old classic effects A B C Stung! was no exception. We have been working on a re-do of this wonderful kids show trick for a long time - and NOW here is our ALL NEW CHRISTMAS VERSION! This is a vast improvement over the older styles. No more pockets and paper envelopes. We give you everything you need - the fully laminated cards trimmed in silver prism and a beautiful 'tote' bag with complete instructions. This one is a beauty! Only as FAB Magic can make it - The quality is superb.

    Three GIANT 8. X 10" cards are freely shown to the audience, a card with SANTA, a card with RUDOLPH & HIS NOSE and a card with a picture of a SLEIGH. All three cards are placed into an empty CLOTH tote bag and one of the cards (the RUDOLPH card) vanishes. The audience will howl as they see the card form in the bag. When this card is removed, in place of the RUDOLPH & HIS NOSE , is a large picture of a the word KNOWS. Of course the audience yells to turn it over. When the card is turned, it is a big Surprise - Rudolph is already seen leading the rest of the reindeers on their way to delivering presents to all the children!

    You'll LOVE IT! - Comes complete with routine, bag and the special laminated hard board signs.