Santa's Secret Ribbon, FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


I was just playing with the Santa's Ribbon effect you make and it's FANTASTIC. I've been doing the old Tiger Escape routine as part of this year's Library Theme, and every now and then, the ropes twist, resulting in a child strung like a bead between two peers. Your gimmick solves this issue. Well Done!" - Keith Frye

Looking for a new effect to add to your Christmas shows? Packs Flat & Plays Big

Santa's Secret Ribbon

Magician invites two volunteers to assist in a demonstration. A 10 length of ribbon is displayed and explained to the audience that this is a piece of Santa Claus' Secret Magic Ribbon.

Did you ever wonder how Santa invisibly traveled down the chimney on Christmas eve?

This 'magical' ribbon is placed around the waist of one volunteer and the end ends are tied off with a 12" red silk handkerchief. Next the ends are placed through holes seen in a board with a chimney printed on the front. One volunteer is asked to hold one end of the ribbon and the magician holds the other end. At the countof 3 the ends are pulled and the ribbon seemingly passes right throught the volunteer's body!

How does it work? Well that is Santa's Secret!

The board is turned around and there is a colorful picture of Santa!

This is a real beauty only as FAB Magic can make 'em! Quality thru and thru -

You receive 8.5" x 11" laminated sign with brass grommets, wooden stand,special ribbon, silk handkerchief, concise photo illustrated instructions. Easy to reset! No threads! Once Christmas is over - use the ribbon for Ribbon Thru Body!

2 Tricks for price of One!