• Silk Fountain Deluxe With Surprise Rabbit In Hat Finale WATCH VIDEO!

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    The Silk Fountain is one of the prettiest effects a magician can perform. Here at FAB We have taken this classic of magic one step further with a production of a beautiful 36" Rabbit In Hat Silk  as a finale. This silk fountain is easy to use and we use only 100% high density silk. 

    Effect: Magician enters and produces what appears to be a black ball of silk ...suddenly one by one different colored silks bubble over one another creating a gorgeous display of color - then just when you thought it was over...a 36" Jumbo Rabbit In Hat silk encompasses the entire silk fountain creating a beautiful display. Comes complete with 13  - 18" colored silks with an 18" diamond colored silk and 36"Rabbit In Hat silk. and photo illustrated instructions. 

    Pure FAB Quality Sewn and constructed here in our FAB Studios.