Six Bill Repeat, The REAL One! FAB


Okay you like performing the 6 Bill Repeat but those stage bills just don't look right after all they are phony! So FAB Magic is proud to present our 6 Bill Repeat using REAL US $1.00 bills! It looks right because it is...the real thing! We patterned these after our popular 6 Card Repeat. These are easy to use and come complete with two different hilarious routines. You receive 5 packets/envelope bills, 16 separate bills and the envelope/bills are gimmicked so there is no unsightly 'tape' marks. You will use this ! The other versions are made from flimsy paper and the colors just don't look right so why not use REAL Bills? Of Course YOU are a REAL magician right?

Effect: The magician removes a stack of bills from his wallet and counts them one at a time showing he has six bills. He deals three bills on the table, then counts them again and he still has six bills left! The performer continues to discard three bills at a time, but each time he counts the remaining bills he still has six left! An amusing effect that gets funnier and even more spectacular as the trick goes on!