Snake Basket, Animated - FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


"Hi Rick,Love the snake basket I am working on a routine for it now. Nice movement and wonderful looking prop." Bob Durante - Zap Entertainent

Meet the newest member of the FAB Family ~ Oscar the Snake! Have a spectator select a card and return to the deck. Cards placed inside of basket. Suddenly up pops Oscar the Snake! Performer asks Oscar to find the spectator's card - after a few missed opportunities he finds the card - and there it is in his mouth.

This special unit, is of course, a long sleeved hand puppet. You can use this sneaky snake in multiple ways - even as a vent puppet that finds the selected card or ping pong ball, limited only to your imagination.

Everything is designed, sewn and constructed here in the FAB Magic studios. Quality unsurpassed! The basket is of highest quality and comes with cloth cover that swings back over your 'arm' .

You'll love OSCAR! Color of Snake varies