Spooker! The Mystical Handkerchief - FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


"I bought Spooker from you about a year ago. No Matter where I go it  is in my pocket. I wish I had a dollar every time I have done this for kids who want to see some magic. At Halloween time I think I wore Spooky out. Great pocket trick. Tell all don't be with out it.!" Herman Carr, Springfield, OH

'Last night performed at the Mud Hens baseball game for Harry Potter night. I did the 'SPOOKER' Was that ever great!Thanks Rick for putting out a great piece of magic.' Andrew Martin Portala

Always wanted to perform a one man dancing hank? Look no further! This is a fun effect you can use in close up situations or on stage! No attachments to the body - Self Contained - NO WIRES,STRINGS OR SPRINGS! BUY IT TODAY AND USE IT TOMORROW! It's so much fun...it is at your command/control at ALL TIMES!

Available in Red,White,Black,Blue,Green,Orange (Perfect color for Halloween!)

Please specify when ordering - comes complete with everything you need!