• St Patrick's Day Paper Hat Tears, FAB USA


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    Here at FAB Magic we understand what magicians want in a magic effect. It needs to be easy to perform and reliable. Our Deluxe Brand Paper Hat Tears are the finest in the world. Used by professionals such as the Hamner’s in Branson, Missouri, these paper tears are individually cut and assembled here in our studios. We take great pride in offering you an American made product that you will be proud to use!

    Magician displays two sheets of tissue paper and tears them into two different pieces giving one of them to an audience volunteer who is instructed to tear "up" their pieces just like the magician and something "magical" will happen using a little 'luck of the Irish'. The volunteer is left with several torn up pieces but the magician "magically" restores his/hers to a 'tall stove pipe green Leprechaun  hat  with yellow band which is given to the volunteer.

    Important Points: These hats are made in our studio - Made from USA mfg tissue paper! They are great for special occassions -  and so much more! Be the first to use them in YOUR show! Quality thru and thru!

    Easy to use and comes with instructions and suggested routine.

    You receive 12 per package