Stop Block, FAB (Giant Cubio)


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Another great trick from FAB. I've used it the way I think I told you...talking about how the old you get things speed up while when you're a kid time just seems to take forever. With a little practice I've been able to really control the speed of the block and I really like the string being as long as it is because it frees up the one hand really nice. Again...nice product." - Pastor Rob Roloff, Tipton, IN -

Long Off The Market ! Now it's back better than ever!

Performer displays a length of cord running through a 2.5" wooden block. The cord runs freely through the block. Magician holds the block at top of the cord and as the block is dropped an audience volunteer is asked to yell 'STOP' and just as they do the block stops at the commanded spot suspended on the cord! This can be repeated several times. Important points: The block is under YOUR control at all times. The block is made from oak and manufactured to last a lifetime.

You'll love this effect with lots of commercial possibilities - complete with block,cord,holders and routines. Another Quality FAB USA product!