Substitution Trunk Illusion, FAB


The magician displays a large packing box and volunteers from the audience assist the magician by moving the trunk in place, removing the lid, and giving the trunk a thorough inspection. Next the magician displays a pair of handcuffs and a cloth bag. The magician’s assistant enters the trunk and then is handcuffed. Next she enters the bag and one of the volunteers tie the bag closed with a piece of rope. The assistant bends down inside the box, the lid is closed, the two hasps are clamped, and the trunk is locked tight with padlocks. Next the magician jumps up on top of the trunk and raises a tubular curtain. On the count of three, the curtain is dropped and the assistant is now standing on top of the trunk! The trunk is opened and the magician is found handcuffed inside the cloth bag and trunk.

Our FAB trunk measures 38" wide x 28" tall and 28" deep - constructed from top grade hard pine and The box breaks down for traveling.

You receive everything you need (except the assistant), box, bag,chain handcuffs, curtain, hardware and complete instructions. You provide the locks as most performers prefer to have the locks keyed alike and the plastic pipe for the curtain which you can purchase at any home remodeling store (saves on price to ship to you too!)

A Real buy! Shipped FOB Colon, Michigan. .