• Switcheroo Change Bag, FAB - Watch Video Several Colors To Choose From


    "The Switcheroo Bag is the best change bag on the market!" -Robin Gaube, Germany-

    "Received the Switcharoo Bag. SUPER! - Robert Callet, Las Vegas -

    "Love the Switcheroo Bag I got from you, works perfect!" -Roger Bus, Kalamazoo, MI-

    Are you tired of using change bags that look like ..well..a gimmicked prop? FAB Magic has the answer. Our new Switcheroo Bag allows you to do everything a change bag can only better! It doesn't look 'tricky' yet it is probably the most deceptive change bag on the market.

    Measuring a BIG 12" x 12" the Switcheroo Bag can be shown empty and you can produce, vanish and exchange items in a flash. No more wooden handles with wires that just don't work or are rather obvious to the audience. So easy to use.

    Of course it's the type of FAB quality you expect and DESERVE! Expertly sewn here in our studio, you will be proud to own this wonderful prop. Designed to last a lifetime!

    Don't delay buy yours NOW! - Available in color spots,red with white spots or solid red - please specify when ordering