The 3 Magic Words: Just Say No! Rick Fisher


"Hi Rick,
Got your manuscript today and started pouring over it and was surprised. I absolutely love how you incorporated so many of the older classics that most of us already have and are using. Your twist on those effects are really great. I hope to put together a shpw for pre-teens, and middle schools.I hope I will be successful. I am 79 years old. When I had a hip replaced six years ago, I was prescribed some hydrocodone for pain. One of our parishoners saw me in church and asked how I was doing and I said fine. He asked how I was dealing with pain. I told him and he said sit sown ...let's talk. I did and he counselled me against using the hydrocodone as it was highly addictive. I stopped and was able to control the pain with Aleve. If it was not for Dr. J. I had no idea about hydrocodone. I feel that I have a story to tell and It is from personal experience.I think you have done a great service putting this program together so we as magicians can use our magic to tell the story Just Say NO."
Magically,Paul Hilko

In the 1990's I put together a complete school tour using magic as a way of getting the say no to drugs message across to school children. It ran for 5 years and performed in seven different states with it. Perhaps, now more than ever this book has become more 'timely' with the opioid crisis. This spiral bound book of 40 pages is chocked full of routines using standard magic as a way of incorporating the SAY NO message - including Passe Bottles, Head Chopper, Clippo, Run Rabbit Run, 20th Century Silks, Professor's Nightmare, Key R Ect and more...illustrated with explanations as well and .. a little help from my friends - contributions from the late Karl Wagner,Gary Boothe and Stan Davis. You will use this material. Back on the market after 5 year hiatus and ready to ship.