• The Book Of Imagination

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    You ask if the children would like to see a picture of your rabbit, Billy. When they shout, "Yes," you explain that he is a magic rabbit and that the kids must use their imagination to make the rabbit pop out of the hat.

    You explain that the book will show whatever they are imagining as you open the book and say, “Let’s see how we did.” A black and white picture of Billy is shown on every page. Only one problem – he is coming out of the hat feet first!! You explain, “He must be shy…..maybe adding color to the book would help. Imagine your favorite color. Hold it in the air and throw it at the book.”

    The children use their imagination but the results are hilarious. You show the pages covered with colored paint splats You explain, “Billy will never come out of this mess. We’d better clean it up.” The children are encouraged to imagine an invisible cloth use their hands to wipe away the paint. But the books gets even messier, much to the children's delight to see you, a grown-up magician in trouble.

    After yet another magical change, all's well in the end as the book becomes filled with color images of Billy the Bunny. Watch the video to see me demo The Book of Imagination and you'll see this well-made prop in action.

    "Kids show performers will want to check out this version of the classic Magic Coloring Book. This is a nicely made prop, and the instruction sheets that come with it are well illustrated. Recommended...."Mike Close, Product Reviewer, MAGIC MAGAZINE

    Although there are five changes, no book-switch or sleight-of-hand is necessary. Here's an opportunity for you perform with a prop that your kid show audiences have not seen before. It's printed on quality paper, made in the USA and will add a burst of color and bunch of laughs to your next kids show performance.