The Magic Catalogue William Doerflinger

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1st Edition Soft covers

THE MAGIC CATALOGUE A Comprehensive Guide To The Wonderful World Of Magic; compiled by William A. Doerflinger; A Sunrise Book from E.P. Dutton in New York; 1977; first edition; hard covers with original dust jacket.

This is a wonderful copy of this long out of print book. Illustrated card wraps. Fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and engravings, including eight pages in full color.

Magic tricks you can master, together with a short history of the art of magic; rare memorabilia of the fascinating Fraternity of Famous Magicians; hundreds of magical effects you can buy and collect; magic with flowers; tricks with coins and bills; magic for the birthday crowd and more - its all here.

The beautiful color plates are most impressive. The plates are posters from the Mario Carrandi collection, window card from the Robert Schroeter collection and magic memorabilia from the author's collection. A unique book that brings together a treasury of information about magic and its performers.