• The Practioner Journeys Into Gray Eugene Poinc 1st Edition hard cover

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    Eugene Poinc's The Practitioner is your guide for a very special journey, filled with some of the most compelling close-up effects and routines (13 in all) you have ever read. As you begin this journey, you'll be introduced to a very eclectic cast of characters, the strangest of whom is The Practitioner. Who is this grey-clad mystery man? Poinc is good at keeping that secret. Don't worry, he has plans to tell you-later.

    115 Pages, Hardbound with Dust Jacket

    What they've been saying...

    "Eugene Poinc's book of close-up routines is a work of astonishing originality, and a compelling read. What creative magic and stories this man weaves! Destined to be a classic." 
    -- Larry White, Magic Editor M-U-M Magazine

    "Eugene Poinc's book, The Practitioner: Journeys Into Grey will change your outlook on the way you look at and perform magic...Gene is a master and we would all do well to pay attention to his teachings. This is the first of a trilogy. As with the Punx books, Gene's will become legend." 
    -- Brother Shadow, The Shadow Digest

    "The Practitioner has great breadth and depth. It has both breath of culture and depth in emotion. This is very rare... I hope all of us own it, read it, and might even be tempted to study it. It is a great book on magic." 
    -- Robert Neale

    "Poinc has taken some very basic tricks and cloaked them in very evocative presentations based on a character called The Practitioner, a shadowy figure who dresses in gray and travels the world telling weird stories. The stories are cool and would certainly make for a dramatic and memorable show." 
    -- Michael Close, MAGIC Magazine

    "The effects are not the only reason to read this book, because it is not only fascinating to read, but it drags your brain from the ordinary magic world into the world of Bizarre Magick and makes you think. If you are tired of doing the same thing everyone else is doing and want to be unique and original read this book. Highly recommended." 
    -- Fred Rosenbaum, The Linking Ring

    "One of [Mary Tomich's] latest productions is The Practitioner by Gene Poinc. First, as far as production value, this is a masterpiece and one you'll be proud to add to your library not since T.A. Waters, have I found an author who writes as clearly The pro's touch clearly shows here." 
    -- Ford Kross, P.E.A Vibrations