THIS Is It! FAB - Bottle From Silk Production


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This version is sewn here in our FAB Studios from the finest heavyweight 8mme silk - Designed to last and deceptive to the nth degree!

You walk out on stage holding three large cloth handkerchiefs in one of your hands. One at a time each cloth is thrown and tossed into the air. It is clear that each is just a cloth and nothing is hidden within. The handkerchiefs are bunched together as a group and from within you produce an actual full size bottle of champagne! The device is simple to use and load, it can easily hold a bottle, doves, flowers, and much more. The production capacity is very large and is truly limited only by your imagination. The handkerchiefs are brightly colored and measure over twenty inches in diameter. The effect comes complete with the three handkerchiefs and special load chamber, along with a detailed set of instructions. There are no body loads, table steals, or complex moves used to facilitate the effect. PRODUCTION FROM SILKS can be mastered in minutes and lends itself to almost any show. Although designed for stage or platform, the gimmick is so deceptive it can easily be performed from just a few feet away!