• Titan Chinese Sticks (FAB) 2 or 3 Set


    "My Titan Chinese Sticks are Perfect! Thank You!"- 
    Fabien Declercq,France

    This is our latest version of the Chinese Sticks ! These 5/8" sticks (yes they are aluminum!) are a  thing of beauty! They operate oh so smoothly - Designed here at FAB and made to last a lifetime - extra long strong cord with beautiful tassels and you will dazzle at their workmanship only as FAB Magic can make 'em! complete with carrying case. Sticks are 11" long.Colors of tassels vary. The bottom of the sticks are fitted with hooks so you can show there is a line (?) between the sticks and as you 'cut' the line of course the sticks still operate fine :) This is available in two sticks or three set so you can perform the Roy Benson routine.

    **** Please specify when ordering