• Vampire Block Combo - BACK IN STOCK! WATCH VIDEO!


    Here at FAB Magic our Research & Development team strives to re-invent the wheel - for the betterment of good commercial magic.  We have always 'liked' the Visible Vampire effect but we realize an investment in one prop for just those Halloween shows was a bit pricey. So, we set out to design a prop/routine/effect that could be used in multiple situations and occasions - and we think we have done just that!

    The original effect:

    An empty wooden tube is shown with an open front.  A  block with a heart (as if it is a vampire) is lowered inside of the tube where it remains in view at all times.  A long wooden stake is pushed thru everything!!  The stake extends out both sides of the tube.  Then pull the chain on the block, and the block VISIBLY penetrates the stake!!

    It comes out clear of the wooden tube!!!

    But --- it gets even better - now we give you all 4 versions to use --- Santa Stuck In The Chimney, Gospel Version, Houdini Escaping from a Jail Cell and of course the classic Vampire Effect. Only one block is used - all magnetic! Everything is interchangeable....use YOUR imagination! - Santa accidentally placed in jail, Houdini trying to come down a chimney, etc etc..we give you some suggested uses for this quality apparatus. You will love the quality of this FAB Made In American prop designed and constructed here in our Colon Michigan studios!

    Comes with everything you need - Tube, Block, magnetic pieces, cane,stake and rod - and routines. Be the first in your area to perform this great new effect!