• Visible Bow Sawing Bruce Chadwick

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    The  is  truly a professional one-man portable illusion that packs small and plays big! The bow saw is formed out of high-strength one inch tubular steel and the blade has been nickel-plated to a near mirror finish.  The stocks are made of the finest birch lauan, with black formica type laminate borders, natural wood laminate interiors, and pinstriping.  Note that this is not the same effect as the Abbott sawing and while similar in effect to the Owen version, it is much less expensive and different in working.  This illusion was improved and modified from Robert Harbin's original See Saw plans and is made from the finest quality materials and workmanship.  It is a commercial and compact illusion that may be performed surrounded using any volunteer from the audience.  The total price including UPS shipping in the USA is $5000.