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    Will Rock was one of America’s least known illusionists, and he had a fabulous career in magic, but no one knows that much about him…until now. Rock married Ruth and they had a daughter, Gretchen, who is bringing this biography to you.

    All of Rock’s diaries, route books, booking correspondence, photographs, and triumphs have been brought out of storage to present his story. Will Rock bought the Thurston show and made a success of it during the worst financial period of America’s history, the 1929 – 1939 Depression. But his life started long before that, and now you can cheer his successes and share his despairs as he studies the art of magic, and slowly builds up a first-class illusion show. His story takes you from the time he leaves Lithuania at the age of five, through his developing years in America, lets you troupe with him through the theatres of the United States, being drafted for the army in World War II, and then into the postwar period when show business was severely fractured.

    For the first time, you can read the complete life of Will Rock.