• Wonder Bubbles


    Grab a bubble from mid-air! Blow a few real soap bubbles using an ordinary bubble wand and soapy solution. Then reach up and grab one of the bubbles in the air- when you open your hand, the bubble is a SOLID clear acrylic bubble!

    This wonderful trick comes with the gimmicked bubble container, bubble solution, bubble blower wand, the 1.25" clear bubble, and instructions. (When you use up the bubble solution, you can simply make your own refill with a 50-50 mixture of dish detergent and water).

    This trick is also known as Wonder Bubbles or Bubble Surprise.


    What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

    • Magic Bubbles set (bottle, wand and acrylic ball)
    • printed instructionsYou supply the ordinary soap bubble solution. Just use a squirt of regular liquid dish detergent, and add tap water to fill the bottle.