Wunderdeck - FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


If you take the Invisible Deck and Combine It With The Brainwave Deck and Svengali deck you get . . .

W U N D E R D E C K !

The Effect Is Simple but Startling! Performer shows a deck of bicycle cards in box and asks spectator to think of a card and announce it to the audience. Upon opening the deck of cards they are riffle shuffled to show all the backs are the red. Now performer turns over the deck face up and looks for the 'named' card - when it is turned over the back is blue!

Now..........this can be repeated - but with one 'kicker' the card backs now all suddenly change color to blue - this is shown by riffle shuffling through the deck showing all of the backs to be blue! The new thought of card is located and turned over to now show it is a red back card- in a deck of cards that is seen to be all blue - but just a second ago was all red!

No Rough & Smooth! You will use this deck over and over again...EZ To Do