• X Ray Scope, FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


    Performer asks a volunteer to select a playing card from a deck of cards and remember it replacing in the deck. Next magician explains to the audience that the volunteer will cast his thoughts through this special X Ray Scope to the entire audience and they will know which card was selected and then ask to shout out the name of the card at the count of 3 - all the volunteer has to do is look at the audience through this X Ray Scope. Suddenly the audience bursts out the name of the card the volunteer selected!

    This can be done as a mystery or as a funny bit in your show as you can now show the 'selected/forced' card on the side of the card the audience sees ! It's a great effect that packs flat and plays BIG either way you present it!

    This is printed  for long use - - not cardboard boards - heavy duty plastic that won't warp or bend! You will have fun with this little gem!

    IT MEASURES A BIG 8".5 X 11"