• X-treme Devils Hank, FAB


    These aren't just store bought bandanas sewed together - all of the fabric is hand chosen - you won't see any 'daylight' behind these exquisite hanks! All heavy fabric which allows you to perform without any noticeable 'bulge'

    "..I received my devils hank in the mail today and WOW. Perfect color and well made with high quality stitching. Thank you for being a great source of American craftsmanship. Michigan is proud to have you here. This is the product and service I need as a working pro." -Bill Hoffman, Michigan-

    ""Your Devil's Hank is wonderful!" - Eric Borgard, France

    This utility device is designed to vanish large objects or even a small bird! These quality devils hanks are sewn here in our studios. They measure a full 36" x 36" with a device pocket that measures a big 12" x 12".Buttons are sewn in the corners so that you can locate the pocket easily. It is large enough to vanish large balls eg: Stratospeheres - you can also use to produce silk handkerchiefs, etc. 

    True FAB quality ! Colors vary