Baffling Bill’s Multiplying Snowballs Super Grip-Ultra Light) WATCH VIDEO!


Baffling Bill has created a brand new twist on a classic of magic for the holidays...Multiplying Snowballs! Your audience will be amazed as you transform one snowball into four with many exciting moves and flourishes. Sparkling white in texture these realistic snowballs are made of a super light yet durable space age material that is a dream to perform with. It grips (possibly better than the expensive silicone balls) giving you the confidence to perform this effect without fear of dropping the ball despite dry or humid weather. So light you can carry them in your pockets without even realizing they are there! At 1.4 inches these balls are not only visible on stage but perfect for closeup and strolling magic because the size helps prevent “flashing”. Baffling Bill personally grinds each ball to the precise size fitting perfectly into the handcrafted gimmick. We are confident you will continue to use these in your act long after the holidays due to the pure joy and ease of performance that these balls will provide...perfect for the beginner, seasoned pro, and Santa Claus!