• Zombie Base, Ultra - FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


    "Not only is this a beautiful base for the ball to rest on, but it solves a problem with the trick. By raising the ball up off the table it's more visible at the start of the routine. This is a great idea!" - Robert Baxt

    "As Neil Foster told me once, "The best thing you can do with the little base that comes with the zombie ball is pick it up and throw it as far as you can." ie, it is useless... this base has more presence and function." - Andy Pettifer, Canada

    This is a gimmicked base - gimmick comes out of back so it is not visible to the audience -

    You will love it - is sooooooooo user friendly!!

    The Zombie Floating Ball has always been my favorite effect - however, I never thought the small metal bases did the 'ball' justice. So I asked our woodworking crew to come up a base that would be heads and shoulders above anything else out there and at a great price..So here it is! Solid wood - painted in satin black with silver over tone. It draws attention to your Zombie giving it a touch of class - made in America here at FAB Magic in Colon! Fits a standard, 3" 4" or 5" ball.

    Ball sold separately